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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Skipping like a girl?

I wish I could skip like this girl! I bought a  skipping rope  a  few weeks ago and went to use it now the weather is warm and I can go outside where there is space to skip.
  • First thing. I cannot skip!
  • Second thing. It does test your  co-ordination. This video did say that.
  • I had to set myself a realistic  goal, therefore, to adhere to the task.   
  • For me just getting the rope to go over my head without mangling up on my body was that goal.  (I did manage one skip however, a few times) But I called it a day, as that was enough.
  • Today, I managed 5 skips, before it got mangled up.  I could feel myself getting all light headed when a pattern started and as soon as I was conscious of that  .... rope gets mangled. 
  • My next goals will be to build up the number of skips and then once I am automated in that , learn some other skipping footwork.  

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