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Sunday, May 06, 2012

Pushing Body & Mind: Richard Gomm Making the Most of the Micro Jan 1983

This video is very inspiring because it shows someone pushing their body and mind.  The two are linked.

Richard was studying for a PhD at the time of this program shown late at night on Mondays on BBC1.  (Look at his book shelf, when the camera scans it).

The program was called 'Making the Most of the Micro'. This person is probably one of few who really had learned to program and use their computers for productive purposes, too. He says he had to teach himself to create new programs to help him. (The signature he creates, is made of full stops joined together - very cleaver - and adds a personal level to the communications he makes).

He passed his PhD and there is a book about his life, written by his Mother. I want to get that.

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