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Monday, March 17, 2008

Triangular Footwork

This footwork #is# in the 116 movements if you choose to see it. The leg is in the dummy to make you vector on the 'V' shape. (I had drawn some pictures earlier on in the blog - see archives for these ideas, but now I know how to link to youtube its a good idea to revise this).

Doesn't matter if the 116 movements has the 'exact' footwork, as your drills can just absorb differences).

Psychology-Richard Grannon- Learn To Deal With Verbal Threat

Look at this. Self-defense orientated video. Here the instructor offers models of what pre-fight rituals look like. This is aggressive behavior that men get into before a conflict. This is worth knowing about. (Geoff Thompson started making people aware of this in the mid 90s).

The hands up can be used when on the dummy - pretend you're fencing off people in each of the forms sections maybe, or in your drills ? Hands up at all times above the dummy arms. Maybe the dummy arms touch you ? - then its elbow range.

Here the video uses talk to diffuse the situation and be vigilant, too, for aggression.

Parts of this video offer very new approaches to 'the fence' - @ 6 mins in he looks at type of talk stance. This is even sideways on like a therapist ! This is interesting - (maybe if you are trying to win the person over to be your friend / be friendly. Get this wrong and your dead).

Friday, March 14, 2008

Words of Wisdom PT 1

Here listen to the 'new paradigm' for learning and training MA by Matt Thornton. See his chess analogy too @ 6.30 onwards. Very apt.