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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Sparring MMA again

I did some MMA type sparring today. Rather I sparred with someone who does MMA skills with takedown vs me.

I can't match this at all and have to aim at getting better than I was before and not flinch and fold etc. when punches rain down on me.

Interesting point was made when it was said trapping does exist in MMA ... on the ground. Its that on the ground - say in mount - the defender can only go in 2 dimensions and so the arms are more predictable to trap.

THAT is interesting. You can pin and hit in a more stable fashion than in stand up when if someone retreats, then your stickyness melts.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Do the Twist !

Twisting in Wing Chun is different from twisting in Silat.

If you watch the 2nd form Chium Kiu on youtube, you will see that they twist the whole body into their pivots.

Silat however, twists the top half of the body. I am learning that that yields more options for legwork. The baset sweep is a good example. You have to keep your base and turret independent to sweep, as the top half creates torque. Maybe I can find some vids to show the distinction.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Divorce !

It's true. Me and Wing Chun (my beautiful springtime) are getting divorced !

It's the upright stance. I believe this is a barrier to learning moves from other disciples. The hook and cross type moves from boxing have the top-half move. The angling-off with the stick again head moves off line. Judo moves have head forward and so does wrestling. (I wrote about chin up below, in another post).

I have invested time in the forms and 'being correct' but the dividends maybe minimal, given that the rewards from other disciplines are being removed. This is a point worth considering if you want to cross-train. Wing Chun could be a barrier to learning mmmmm ..... *if* the upright stance is creeping into your other moves unintentionally.

Actually this isn't a real divorce. it will be a separation of that element. The dummy moves will have to be less upright therefore. The arm shapes can look like other shapes too. The kicks are ok as you still sit down when kicking too, in other applications. That can stay.

Arbitration maybe needed to settle costs and payout for Wing Chun. Or she can pay me. Either way the association cannot continue the way it has been.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Close Range Strikes/Neck Crank/Clinch- Bob Spour SAS Combat

This move is actually a variation of the 1st move of Yip Man's 116 movements on the dummy. The footwork can be seen as a 'box step'. The Peng Nam 116 has that footwork in too.