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Thursday, September 14, 2017

Terry Waite Talks About Chess

I was fascinated by this video. Terry Waite touches a few chords here on multiple levels. He shows why chess is interesting - it creates that losing yourself in the activity feeling, (called 'flow experience', where time flies).

Also, he shows the deeper meaning of the game in relation to other people and the situation they were in.

This is applicable to other activities.

In many respects, and less extreme that Mr. Waite, we are all in some forms of captivity and need escapes, or ways to make meaning of that.

The light and dark contrast he makes is good. Also he does state correctly that prisoners and chess have a long history.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Best Piano Exercise for Beginners - The Miyagi Technique

I like the way he shows how the body gets involved in playing music and also breathing can be applied. (I saw that too in photography, you should breath out when pressing the button, to avoid a jerk / blurry picture as you are relaxed. So do not hold your breath. Same here).

Wednesday, September 06, 2017

How To Use The Energy Gates Qigong Book

This is a good video. I have this book. I got it recently and there is a lot of theory and explanation, good diagrams etc.

Here this teacher shows a focused cut down way to use this book . (He teaches as part of the 'Energy Arts' syndicate that the books author promotes, so I found this very honest to be ... honest!).

The author of the book notes that 'cloud hands' captures much of Tai Chi movement and is worth focusing on. That stuck in my mind. Also I had seen the forward folds in Mathew Cohen's fire and water DVDs and I sensed that Cohen has drawn on some ideas from Bruce Frantzis (who wrote this Energy gates book).

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Novag Robot Adversary Chess Computer

 I think there is lots of applications for robot arms.

I want one for my dummy. This one looks good. This was a commercial set in the 80s I think. It beats the other design from MB games that had magnets under the board.

Robots are 'in' now in the news. Driver-less cars gets coverage and so does potential unemployment.

What if we have robots teaching martial arts will they make Sensi redundant?

Monday, February 20, 2017

freestyle on dummy

This practitioner uses some Vietnamese  kung fu and main land Chinese moves he says. This and the associated video he has shows the fastest hands I have seen with hard hitting. This is not a tippy-tap' set he has here, I sense. He is kicking that wooden leg. His bones know about this, trust me. Respect.