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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Once Upon a Time In a High School (The Spirit Of Jeet Kune Do) Anti-Bull...

My favourite Korean Film. (It is the only Korean film I have seen!).
The film is not all action as suggested here and is well worth seeking out to watch.

Friday, March 27, 2015


This video is good as it shows a novel way to train with a stick. I would never have thought of this. Look at how the stick is made to rotate on 2 x axis.

Note too the use of the tape to aid targeting.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Tai Chi Form: 4 - Single Whip

What strikes me with this video is the style of commentary. 
This level of detail and style reminds me of a very 'British-style' Oxford-Cambridge boat race!
This is very interesting and I would love to see some of the instructionals and books I have been exposed to over the year try this style. It is so detail rich. For Tai Chi this is a god-send, I suspect as the movement is so intricate each detail counts to some amount, I think, (I do not do Tai Chi but this is my instinct).
The heel-toe shape is something I have been told about and it makes me empathise with this video.
I like the camera angle, too. It captures the posture and the lighting is very good. I would like to see stripes on the sides of the track suit bottoms / shirt to show skeletal alinement more maybe ?!

Multiple Levels of Meaning for Marial Arts

This video hits a nerve on multiple levels: [1] your teacher is not your Father. This is a link I am certain I sense is possible for some students when they relate to their teacher.

The scenario is .. some imaginary figure - larger than life who sorts out your problems for you and leads you to a path of Enlightenment - is the same person who teaches you.

 Don't go there. You will be deluded if not exploited and end up jumping in the lake if told to do so. Your teacher shows you moves and ideas and concepts. That is it. They like seeing your improvement as it gives them reward and satisfaction and you validate their teaching methods. You learn from them and jump through syllabus hoops that they show you. They do not fight your imaginary fights for you. They do not have perfect information on all moves future and past. There will be gaps in their knowledge no matter what system or lineage etc.

[2] Don't be forced into joining someone else's system and unifying without deep thought. See what Luke did here. He got space between him and Darth Vader in light of his new insights to have a deep think. Darth is very persuasive and has magic powers. Anyone could be seduced by the Dark Side. Martial arts leaders have magic powers it looks like when they project their force on new angles and show new secret things that the 'Force' has.

Belief systems take route in social networks. If you stay in close proximity to others all those moves that person does specifically / the bespoke drills they do to show off those specific forces  / the ideas and language that supports these ideas become true as they are practiced in rituals at the club.

Get space to get perspective and a fresh set of eyes from wise others you trust too, for a second opinion if you have doubts about a system / leader / school.

Luke had a network including Obi One in this respect. Obi was an adviser not Luke's leader.