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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Learning to make progress

This next BBC link is very useful as it shows how progress is product of 'eeeking' ... gradual trial and error to achieve the next level of excellence.

"Dyson worked his way through 5,126 failed prototypes before coming up with a design that ultimately transformed household cleaning", (BBC Viewpoint 2015). < This quote sums up a lot really and gives us a realistic view of what progress is about.

The sudden insight of genius idea does not help us, I think.

Full link here

This can be applied to any adult learning scenario and I wont try and 'adapt' this to the theme of my blog, as it should talk for itself. Just do not be afraid to make mistakes and await that perfect solution to come and hit us on the head, like Newton's apple .. it comes with thousands of reps. See the 10,000 hours ideas too below.