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Friday, January 09, 2015

An array of dummy designs.

Look at these designs for dummies. Towards the end you see 3 x dummies integrated by a cart wheel. That is really slick design. Some of the dummies are interactive on a push pull basis. Interesting.

Given this is from a German source, I wonder of their clock-design heritage has been used for some of these dummies ?!

Friday, January 02, 2015

Make the Low Cost but Effective Wooden Dummy Arms - Khai Tuong Nguyen

This video really shows some good craft skills and thinking about how to match the curve of the arm to match a human arm. I predict a bright future for this person - and can see a bright present time, too!

New Years resolution ideas if you are stuck

Ask Tolstoy if you are stuck for some new ideas to 'do' for 2015.

This is a good article as it shows him pushing himself into unfamiliar territory to 'grow'.

Become a craftsman is interesting. I bet that is because it puts you in the zone, too, as well as unitng body and mind. I think being skilled at exercise and sport types would be compatible with this perhaps? Or is that totally different? If you were a tennis player or javelin thrower you need to master tools etc.