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Friday, September 30, 2016

Wing Chun Saam Sing Jong 3 Star Dummy Work Out Routine

This practitioner has some good ideas on this kicking dummy. This is not often shown in the wing chun literature. Only Randy Williams has covered this in one of his books.

(I have a sneaky suspicion that the wing chun dummy - and this - have origins as 3 legged stools and tables tied to a tree or inverted on the ground!).

Home made chi sao dummy

Here is another nice design. Again springs being used but in a different way. I like the way latteral movement is supported. This reminds me of a WW1 tank.

Chi Sao Jong Introduction Part One

This is a good design. Someone put some thought into this, indeed. He has a part 2 video as well. In that video there is a reply where someone said they bought one, did not tell their teacher, and later their teacher said they had improved. That must have been a good feeling.

You can see how the leg doubles up here to stabilse as well as be the 'jong' leg, too. I love the spring idea, too - the Choy Lee Fut dummy has that, too, so the idea is not hard to have.

I wonder if you can make an adapter for a normal dummy?