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Friday, September 22, 2006

Introductory Aims

The aims of the blog are to discuss the uses of the Wing Chun wooden dummy for fighting arts training. This is to cover both traditional and non-traditional uses of the dummy.

I have been collecting materials about the Wing Chun dummy for about 3 years now. This includes - Videos, DVD, books and looking at www pages and online videos. As Wing Chun has become more widely disseminated in the west so have materials of this training aid and availability of dummy too.

I would hope this place is going to be a repository of ideas and discussion from practitioners; curious by-standers and anyone interested in martial arts per se. I will try to post up picture and video links.

I don't really want to see it degenerate into negative comments like 'this sucks everyone knows Master X is the best - give up'. This type of commentary helps no one. It lacks evidence to support the claims being made and it attention seeking at best. Better would be to think of pros and cons to an issue.

Regards !