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Monday, March 17, 2008

Psychology-Richard Grannon- Learn To Deal With Verbal Threat

Look at this. Self-defense orientated video. Here the instructor offers models of what pre-fight rituals look like. This is aggressive behavior that men get into before a conflict. This is worth knowing about. (Geoff Thompson started making people aware of this in the mid 90s).

The hands up can be used when on the dummy - pretend you're fencing off people in each of the forms sections maybe, or in your drills ? Hands up at all times above the dummy arms. Maybe the dummy arms touch you ? - then its elbow range.

Here the video uses talk to diffuse the situation and be vigilant, too, for aggression.

Parts of this video offer very new approaches to 'the fence' - @ 6 mins in he looks at type of talk stance. This is even sideways on like a therapist ! This is interesting - (maybe if you are trying to win the person over to be your friend / be friendly. Get this wrong and your dead).

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