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Thursday, June 07, 2012

Making the Low Cost but Effective Wing Chun Dummy By Khang Tuong Nguyen

This seems like a viable design for a wooden dummy. I like the way the body can  be moved up and down the post for variable height. That is very useful. Notice in the video where his Dad, got the idea from  for the body - Sushi rolling mat-thingy. 
The arms come from a table leg - that is interesting.  The design they have for the legs  could be simpler, as it has  groves in but that is not inevitable.
I would like to see him use this, to see what type of force it can take. I  like to see what they would consider doing about a leg for it.  


Thai Nguyen said...

Hi -

Here's the modification to the previously made WC dummy. The improvement is to have new arms with no groves, a leg and have the dummy stained. Here's the link:

Thanks for watching,

Wooden Dummy Central said...

Excellent video - thanks for notifying me. I will add your video here, soon.