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Monday, January 04, 2016

Pain in knees solution!

This video is excellent in many ways. One: this solution is helping my knees, that I mentioned in the post below. I did that circle knees thing and that must be the cause of my pains. The explanation of the knees being a 'hinge', not a ball and socket rotational joint says it all.
The associated video Sifu Wollering mentions states that tradition may have distorted the interpretation of the 'knee circles' from an ankle and hip rotation maybe? (The Stand Still Be Fit video has knee circles in, that is why I did it).  < link to associated video on knee circles and other associated moves.

We need to 'oil' the knee and here the first video shows hard massage around the sides of the patella and some moving of the patella on a locked out knee. < This feels good and is helping me.

I like her videos. Her delivery is authoritative. You can see she knows what she is on about.

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Steve Robson said...

Will need to try this master Lake. Arthritis is taking hold in my knees :(