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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Review of the year

Review of the year

This year I made some advances in the forms / Jurus I have because I used my own private language to make sense of the moves to me. It was no good someone saying to me 'show me juru 3 left side' - sorry I don't think in numbers I am not Leibnitz.
Breathing. A problem was identified in that I was holding my breath in my drills. Had to overhaul the way I breath in and out now and be really conscious about it slipping into a mismatch between movements and breathing.
Towards the end of the year I started using small weights and these have made some physical difference to me. They are not heavy enough to affect my joints or make me like Arnie, but I can feel a difference in my muscle composition. I will keep this up to see what long term affects this has.
I can root myself better now, as I can sink like a sack of potatoes more readily, rather than remain standing up straight.  Like the breathing, I knew you are supposed to do this, but it is becoming automated, more so now.
Found more ways to do silat moves on the dummy. This is not really hard, but you need imagination.
Got a camera to record myself on the dummy and shadow boxing. Been meaning to do this for ages. It does show you finesses to adjust and change. E.g. leaving the centre open and having 'chicken wings'.

Maybe I ought to have some New Year resolutions ....

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