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Sunday, November 08, 2009

Some Videos I Made Earlier

Here are some vids on the dummy. They have the pegs taken out of the base to make the dummy move about and absorb energy. They are a drill on the dummy, involving backfist and a trap; boxing slips, and short and long range palms. I corrected one palm set, and tried it a new way. The videos had to be fixed from portrait angle, from phone, using software. Otherwise you would have to turn your head 90 degrees. I chose that angle as it allows for capture of body and dummy length. I am fond of portrait angles, but know of someone who is vehemently opposed to this camera angle and prefers landscape. This is an aesthetic rift that has emerged.


futurechessmaster said...

I like to train with a heavy bag. Broke a rib in jiu jitsu so I kind of stopped working out for a while.

midk said...
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midk said...

check out my blog, fellow lover of martial arts, chess, and Lulu related things.

Littlefair said...

Are you using a hands in the air 'pleading' ready stance occasionally (Don't want any trouble....bang!)?

Looking good.

Do you have 'Dead or Alive' by Geoff Thompson? Good read.

Wooden Dummy Central said...

aye, I have fence ideas in there, which are in the same place as Wing Chuns hands anway. But yes.
I have yet to read Thompson's book , I want to get that.