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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Can't see properly ?

I have a migraine now. My vision has gone all spangly and I cannot see that well. It is not good. I can be sick too with numb arm and messed up speech - like a mini stroke in this situation but this isn't as bad as when I was a teenager.
What if I was out and about and some delightful youth wants to cause a confrontation ? Goodness what nightmare.

What isn't addressed by self-defence literature is what to do if you cannot see properly and need to defend yourself. I wear glasses and if these get knocked off, then with my minus 9 vision I am looking at burrs. With migraine vision I am have blind sports.

Crazy moneky guard would be a good fail-safe here, as you don't have to be that active in your defense - no searching for bridges or interacting on a high reflex demanding defence like a pak sau.. To be honest you may not see it coming with a migraine. You would have to feel the attacker if you could not see them. Here grappling chi sau (for want of a better word), would be of value in searching for that bridge if you want to make contact.

I have tried sparring with no contact lenses in. I did get hit more but it wasn't that bad. If the light was failing that would be worse. At night I could not run as yo wont see where your feet are being placed too easily. With no glasses imagine loosing your keys to your car ! I have a spare pair of glasses in the car thankfully - its required by law in some states.

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