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Friday, April 17, 2009

Stop Smoking the Bong Sau

This video is from
These people could be seen as 'rationalists' in the sense they seek to expose the mysticism in the martial arts : death touches, deadly screams and other mystical claims by equally mystical gurus.

Here they have a video of Wing Chun. They make fun of it. The message of this site is to test the claims made by the arts and not take it on faith. I can see why Wing Chun is fair game for this, as the culture around it does prompt some mystical attributes. The tradition and lineage worship isn't helpful. The search for the 'pure' and true lineage keeps away any conflicting evidence that may arise.

One interesting comment in the text to this video was the idea that there are diminishing returns from studying traditional MA. The more you do the less you get out of it hour for hour. You become so good your trained to be 'bad', as you become 'stylized'. I.e. Sculpted into inflexable and inappropriate responses.

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