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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Key Point Aesthetics vs Practicality

Yesterday had some light sparring activity. During this I had my chin up - what's new. Again I get told to keeping it down. I know this is an issue but like a bad child the habit resurfaces. I try to blame the Wing Chun straightblast and chin up (they keep their chin up becuase the head can be arched back with it out the way).

I am countered with the reply:

"You will get some YMCA practitioner who has spent £2 on his boxing sessions knocking you out. Not even Yip Man would fight like that. Choy Lee Fut would even tuck their chin in.".

This is all right. I know it. But the chin still creeps up. This is what happens when the aesthetic of forms creeps into practice. I must re-invent my forms with chin down. Going right-side forward on the dummy will help here I think as its a realistic stance and the chin has to have something to be tucked into.

Note to self: need to research how other practitioners get their chin down. I recall in a book by Henry Cooper a rolled up newspaper was wedged under the chin to reinforce the lesson.

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