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Saturday, April 05, 2008

Jeet Kune Do TRAPPING 1 Also Applied To Dummy

This is some good teaching and application video from Youtube. It's about the controversial skill of trapping:

Some people debate the value of this skill. Some say its H-a-R-d to implement. Some say it is hard - but you need to practice it - therefore.

I only know about 2 or 3 traps properly. You either excel at this or don't bother, I sometimes think. Complex or compound traps just arn't going to happen in an assault, they are best seen as using energy in different ways.
Interestingly Geoff Thompson said trapping is useful - it's how its applied. A basic pak sau and punch is well worth knowing, I believe as it could be seen in practical situatuations - e.g. finger pointing aggression; grab attempt. Remember you can re-feed your punch - dont bother swimming for another solution. OR just change your angles for a new line of attack.

Some JKD schools like Ted Wong's don't do trapping I understand. Maybe trapping will be reclassified to fit into wrestling and stand-up grappling. I can see chi sau going this way - see Alan Orr's www for ideas there.

Anyway what I liked here was the use of the dummy / other person. This is a clear video. Credit to the teachers.

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