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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Steve Sinclair's wooden dummy knowledge

Go here for some good insights:

very sensible comments made.

For example he shows the double 'garn sau' hands - that are broad apart onthe dummy but are close in application.

I have his video on wing chun 'Pure and Simple' and its very good indeed. Not many people talk about it, strangley. It's the only one that shows you how to use the hit fall wine - Dit da Jow - to condition your hands after sand bag use. He does this in a circular motion really rubbing hard into the area. I use this and believe it works - but don't know why - it could be just the rubbing itself ?

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cybernoid said...

The black guy (i dont know if he is the Steve Sinclair, but i'm sure he didnt the speccy (he was too young)) has the adequate balance position. The white guy seems to be very static. Without or with fighting purposes, the martial-as-an-art (& i think this photo is) should have dance in between.