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Monday, October 15, 2007

Choy Li Fut's Version Of The Dummy


cybernoid said...

Well well, the arm of the black guy is so high... -where does he wants to kick? a new purple haze song? "scuze me, while i kick the sky".

Well, If the black guy make a real kick coming middle-up, he does have lots of ways to protect himself, like dance around and break the neck of the white guy, curve down and do a jump kick (hospital), or curve and do a step-kick (broken leg).

This is a good exercise for personal defence, though. (Against a drunk guy at night should work, but im not 100% sure)


PS: I will never compare chess to MArts. The bad & dummy guys lose @ chess, but they can be very dangerous @ fighting. They even may kill. Nobody dies in a chess game.

Wooden Dummy Central said...

Mmmm ... Just thinking. Sometimes yo have a spring or counter-weights on that top arm. Heavy weights on that and take off all other arms and you could do some good Thai style neck grabs ?! Hit or a Miss ?

cybernoid said...

I told You!
The problem is to know Thai counter. How many ppl in Europe knows how to defend a brutal 180kg kick?

I tell you - less than 1000.

How many guys with less than 80kg (medium or less) in Europe can defend a 180kg kick?

I tell you - 0.

Thats the main problem - I'm not telling it's impossible. Because there's some guys from Asia (most of them 50+ years old) that are able. But they spent a life to do that. I think thats great... I know they even can kill a guy with a simple defense.

But for an European guy, with lost of troubles, stress, etc etc - to defend a 180kg kick (and i know guys with 250kg power) is almost the complete realisation of martial arts.

For a East-Asia KungFu Master, its like killing a fly. Its just the same.