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Sunday, September 09, 2007

2 triangles or one ?

Look take the 2 shapes below and add them in for a footwork matrix !? Good stuff eh.

Look there is no north south line. One of the things I regret is learnining to step forwards and backwards in a line mechanically. No doubt it has its place but the 'V' and '^' angles of stepping are really useful and worth in-graining early on in someone. Backwards steps are a bad habit to rely on to get out of 100% pressure. In a confrontation in public if someone is blocking your path a step diagonally forward or away would move you around - or away - from their colleague who may be behind you unbeknown to you.

The is a place for forwards and backwards lines but maybe their practice should not be moving me away from these other angles.

1 comment:

cybernoid said...

Nice picture!
Thats write... the balance is very important to keep in mind: (even if we dont think we use it, we use!)

Just one typo:
I would dive both together with a line in the middle, also.

That makes a cross.
The Cross.
Jesus. Its time to think on our Master. Reflection.